Zanthoxylum armatum

Common Name           :           Zanthoxylum Oil

Botanical Name          :           Zanthoxylum armatum DC.

Source                         :           Wild crafted

Method of extraction  :           The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the dried fruits of Zanthoxylum armatum DC.


It is a spiny shrub about 3m high with strong prickles on the branches. Distributed throughout Nepal at 1100m to 2500m in open places or forest undergrowth or in the edge of agricultural field.Hilly districts of  Mid West Region is the reservior of Timur.


    Traded part : Fruit

    Uses: Locally used and traded for spices. The fruit contains Zanthoxylum oil which is used for different purposes.

    Description of Traded Part: The dried fruit is blackish brown colored, wrinkled, small in size (of the size of small pea); mostly ruptured from one side. Sometimes, dark brown shiny seeds are attached with the fruit. Highly scented.


Organoleptic Properties

Appearance     :           Fluid liquid.

Color               :           Light yellow.

Aroma             :           Refreshing, pleasant, spicy.


Physico-chemical Properties

Specific gravity                          :        0.8150 to 0.9051 at 25º C

Optical rotation                         :        [+] 5º to [+] 10.5º at 25º C

Refractive index                         :        1.4674 to 1.4815 at 25º C

Acid number                              :        0.5 to 5

Ester number                             :        35 to 65

Ester number after acetylation          :           110 to 150

Solubility                                    :        Soluble in 0.8 to 1.5 volumes of 90% alcohol.

Linalool content                         :        55 to 75%



a)   Being rich in linalool, methyl cinnamate and cineole, it is used in the fragrance and flavor industry

b)         Medicinal & Aromatherapy use: Anti-infectious, sedative, arthritis, cholera, toothache