Annapurna Organic Ginger

Ginger is a spice crop and can be grown both in the mid and highhill conditions of the Nepal. The optimum temperature for its cultivation is 25-30 oC . The optimum planting time for midhill is March and highhill is April. Well drained soil having pH 6.5-7 is ideal for zinger cultivation. Jamaican, Jorhat, Thinladium, Naida and Kapurkot local varieties are now in cultivation. The planting distance for plant to plant is 25-30 cm and row to row is 30-40 cm is recommended for its cultivation. After 7-9 months of planting the crop is ready for harvesting. The average yield is 1000-1500 kg per ropani. The processing is done by slicing zinger in small round pieces. Which is grinded in dust after proper sun drying.