Annapurna Organic Coffee

Coffee is a high value beverage crop and can be successfully cultivated in the midhill condition of the Nepal. High quality specialty coffee can be obtained from the height of 800- 1500 masl. Coffee is a shade loving plants and east north facing land is better for its cultivation. Pakas, pakamara, cauvery, pachecolis, catimor, catuai, typical, bourbon, tekisic, catisic, caturra, selection series and locally adapted varieties of Coffee arabica are now in Cultivation. 12-18 months old seedlings are ready for transplanting to main field. The recommended planting distance is 2-2.5m x 2-2.5m Well drained silt soil having the pH 5.5-6.5 is ideal for good quality coffee production. Coffee plants start to flowering after 3 years of planting. The flowering starts in March/April and fruiting takes place 1-2 months later. Changes in fruit color from green to red are the indices of harvesting. The proper harvesting time is January- March and 3-4 times harvesting is necessary to obtain good quality coffee cherry. Average yield is 3-5 kg dry cherry per plant per year. Both dry and wet method of coffee processing are now common in Nepal.