Mentha Oil

Mentha arvensis L.

Common Name           :  Japanese Mint or Cornmint

Botanical Name           : Mentha arvensis L.

Source                          : Cultivated

Method of extraction: This oil is obtained by steam  distillation of  the aerial part of Mentha arvensis L.


Organoleptic Properties

Appearance  : Slightly thick liquid.

Color             :Pale yellow.

Aroma           :Strong, fresh and somewhat bitter-sweet.


Physico-chemical Properties

Specific gravity                           : 0.8940 to 0.9015 at 25º C

Optical rotation                         : [-] 15.5º to [-] 45.0º at 25º C

Refractive index                         : 1.4590 to 1.4750 at 25º C

Acid number                               : 0.3 to 5

Ester number                              : 210 to 255

Ester number after acetylation        : 70-88%

Solubility                                    : Soluble in 1.2 to 2.5 vol. of 70% alcohol.



a)   In the isolation of menthol crystals, in flavoring toothpastes, mouthwashes and pharmaceuticals

b)   Medicinal & Aromatherapy use: Oil is good for the nervous system, acting as a regulator and sedative: Menthol is well known as a cardiac tonic in pharmaceutical preparations. It is a good blood cleanser. Because it is antiseptic and anti-bacterial, it can be used in swollen gums, mouth wash or mouth ulcers, toothache.