Calamus Oil

Acorus calamus L.

Common Name             : Calamus/Sweet flag 

Botanical Name            : Acorus calamus L.

Source                           : Wild crafted

Method of extraction  : The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the dried comminuted rhizomes of Acorus calamus L.


Organoleptic Properties

Appearance :Slightly viscous liquid

Color             :Yellow to yellowish brown

Aroma           :Warm woody-spicy


Physico-chemical Properties

Specific gravity                            :     1.0695 to 1.0795 at 23º C

Optical rotation                           :     [-] 0.2º to [-] 0.5º at 23º C

Refractive index                           :     1.5335 to 1.5589 at 23º C

Acid number                                :     0.6 to 2.5

Ester number                               :     2 to 12

Ester number after acetylation :     8.5 to 12

Solubility                                      :     Soluble in 0.4 to 1.5 volumes of 80% alcohol



a)   In perfumes of the woody oriental type; in spice blends and flavors for alcoholic beverages

b)   Medicinal & Aromatherapy use: Calamus causes increased dilation of spleenic vessels, an important factor in regulating blood pressure