Mero Neem Chiuri Ayurvedic Soap

A remedy for skin ailments keeps your skin fresh and glowing.

Mero neem Chiuri  is a natural handmade herbal soap developed with ancient ayurvedic cleansing formula. The soap is made by a reaction between vegetable oils and a solution of sodium hydroxide and water. It contains different natural herbal extracts to give up a person natural and healthy looking.


It provides optimum moisturizing and soothing benefits with humectants. Herb-Bath serves to your  optimum satisfaction and makes you feel always fresh.The company produces varieties of health and beauty products based on herbal ingredients originated  in from high altitude Himalayan range of Nepal.


Useful for: 

Pimples, Hyper pigmentation, Eczema, Sun brunt skin, Boils and wounds, Dandruff

Content : 100 gms

Properties and uses of herbs

    Azadirachta indica (Neem): The bark is bitter, astringent, and useful in skin diseases.

    Decoction of leaves: Antiseptic, used in ulcers and eczema.

    Artemisia vulgaris (Titepati): Leaves and flowering tops are bitter, astringent, acrid, thermogenic, aromatic, and anodyne, anti-inflammatory, depurative. They are useful in inflammations, skin diseases etc.

    Emblica officinalis (Amala): The fruits are sour, astringent, sweet, anodyne, and are useful in erysipelas, skin diseases and greyness of hair.

    Foeniculum vulgare (Madesi suf): The fruits are sweet, acrid, bitter, emollient, and anthelmintic. They are useful in burning sensation, skin diseases and inflammations.

    Holarrhena antidysenterica (Indra Jau): The bark and seeds are bitter, astringent, anthelmintic, and are useful in skin diseases. Leaves are used in boils, ulcers and dysentery.



1.   100% Vegetarian

2.   Skin softeners

3.   Rich in foaming

4.   Long time use for your comfortable bath and shower