Himalayan Hand-made formulae

Mero Herbal Soap is a natural handmade Ayurvedic herbal soap developed with ancient ayurvedic cleansing formula. The soap is made by a reaction between vegetable oils and a solution of sodium hydroxide and water. It contains different natural herbal extracts to give up a person natural and healthy looking. It provides optimum moisturizing and soothing benefits with humectants. Mero Herbal Soap serves to your optimum satisfaction and makes you feel always fresh.


Mero Herbal Soap does not contain any kind of animal fat; it is made with 100% vegetable base. It does not contain synthetic color and fragrance.


Among different vegetables oils used for making herbal soap Himalayan chiuri is  (Diploknema butyracea (Roxb) one which contains more medicinal value. The oil has plenty of emollient property so it is useful for preventing wrinkles makes skin shiny and keeps body glossy and warm. It also improves the texture and vigor of skin. Chiuri butter  is used as ointment in rheumatism and to prevent crack in the skin.


AHP produces varieties of health and beauty products based on herbal ingredients originated from high altitude Himalayan range of Nepal.


1.    100% Vegetarian

2.    Skin softeners

3.    Rich in foaming

4.    Long time use for your comfortable bath and shower

5.    Useful for Pimples, Hyper pigmentation, Eczema, Sun brunt skin, Dandruff, Boils and wounds,

Content: 100  gms