Social and  Environmental Impacts

All products are produced without any negative impacts on environment as AHP never uses  harmful chemicals  during the processing of herbs. The produced products are organic.

Sustainable harvesting of resources/Non Timbers Forest Products like Bael fruits, Chiuri, Dhatelo Seabuckthorn, soapnut are  introduced at community forest users groups ( CFUG) level. AHP has been encouraging  communities to grow  as many as possible/potential  herbs on their farm.  The community have established nursery and  has been  distributing the plant/herb to members of the community.

Future Plans

AHP has been providing the platform for rural producers and linking to the national and international market. So, to increase its strength and scope, AHP has following future plans:

  • To  form alliance and make affiliation with national and international companies for the diversification of products
  • To  adopt new technologies for  the improvement of agriculture practice
  • To add   on Medicinal and aromatic plants products
  • To  establish the  processing plant
  • To work in close collaboration with international company